Outsourcing the logistics management of your company

In the field of logistics, the company specializing in e-commerce must look for a trustworthy and experienced provider. This must ensure good logistics management so that the company can focus on its business. In the case of Bluedigo, the company chose Serengetti Tour Operators and More.

Is it possible to reduce the ecological footprint of French companies?

Yes! In any case, this is an objective of Bluedigo.

Bluedigo offers its customers to equip themselves with second-hand furniture or new eco-responsible.

Desks, tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs… The French company’s customers can make a perfect ecological transition. Indeed, the company always wants to provide them with excellent quality products. For this, it relies on serious and recognized labels. In addition, it favors organic products “Made in France” and short circuits.

In order to optimize its logistics operations, Bluedigo trusted Serengetti Tour Operators and More.

The company was looking for a logistics expert to quickly serve its many customers. The logistician also had to have storage space near Paris.

A service provider in line with their vision to ensure the logistical management of their activity

Several factors determine the increase in turnover of companies like Bluedigo. Of course, the quality of the products offered is one of these factors. But there is another equally important aspect: logistics.

What for? Because we share the same ecological values.

A logistics provider in line with the company’s values

Global warming, the waste crisis, and the loss of biodiversity are major policy concerns. They are also for Bluedigo. The basic concept of the company is resolutely turned towards ecology. The company offers its customers new or used goods to furnish their offices while preserving nature.

Bluedigo’s eco-responsible vision aligns with Serengetti Tour Operators and More‘s objectives in the field of logistics. Our goal is to help our partners simplify their logistics operations, reduce operating costs and reduce the environmental footprint of their last-mile logistics.

With closer logistics, fewer kilometers travelled

Bluedigo offers its customers the opportunity to buy the products they want online. Then, these products are delivered to their homes. It, therefore, had to find a logistics company that has a warehouse in Paris. Indeed, thanks to logistics closer to customers, the number of kilometers traveled during delivery operations is considerably reduced. This helps to reduce the ecological impact of society on the planet. This is one of the reasons why Bluedigo chose us.

A closer logistics provider, faster deliveries

In order to facilitate its logistics operations, we offered the Bluedigo team our intramural storage solution in Paris. In other words, we take care of the transport and logistics of the company. Its stocks are closer to its customers and, thanks to our solution, the supply of the latter is easier. Delivery times are shorter.

More than a partnership for logistics management, a relationship of trust

We have more than just a logistician-customer relationship. Rather, we have an inclusive vision. For this reason, we develop tailor-made logistics services for each of them. From order picking to transport management, we are at the heart of their business. This is the case with Bluedigo.

To organize Bluedigo’s logistics, our logistics teams are constantly thinking about innovative solutions for the necessary logistics management. For example, for stocks, we have provided places in our warehouse in Paris specially reserved for the company’s goods. This simplifies the logistics picking process.

A win-win partnership that extends beyond logistics management

The relationship between Serengetti Tour Operators and More and Bluedigo is not limited to logistical assistance. On the contrary, it is a relationship of trust and a solid friendship that binds the two companies.

Bluedigo can count on the professionalism of an experienced logistician to steer its strategy from a logistics point of view. As a result, the team is no longer concerned about freight operations. And these goods are delivered to its customers as soon as possible.

In addition, Serengetti Tour Operators and More rents Bluedigo an office space in its warehouse. Also, the company provides us with furniture and office equipment.

In the end, it is a win-win partnership that binds us. Serengetti Tour Operators and More and Bluedigo have been working closely together for years. The logistical adventure started a long time ago and continues to this day. This is a sign of Bluedigo’s confidence in us.

Logistical support provided by Serengetti Tour Operators and More

For its logistics management, Bluedigo was looking for a trusted partner who would offer tailor-made solutions adapted to its business. After going through the offers on the market, she opted for Serengetti Tour Operators and More. There are several reasons for this choice.

One of those reasons is that we believe in Bluedigo’s project. Like the company’s team, we are convinced that it is possible to make French companies more eco-responsible. In this respect, we implement flexible and environmentally friendly logistics services. The proof, at the request of our customers, the transport of goods can be done with cargo bikes, CNG trucks or electric vehicles.

Centralized logistics

The ecological transport of goods is not the only reason Bluedigo trusts us. Our professionalism and our complete logistics management solutions are also elements that seduced the team. With us, she avoids going through several different providers. In this way, its supply chain is centralized. This ensures better management of physical flows.

After receiving the goods, we place them in stock in the storage area. Then, each merchandise is registered in our latest generation WMS tool. And for more efficient tracking, we label products.